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This car belongs to Ted Fisher of Primarily Japanese Auto Service in Tucson. Click here for pictures from the Pavilions car show in Scottsdale. Click here for pictures from a race at Firebird International Raceway. Click here for pictures from Phoenix International Raceway.

Ted's wheels are 3-piece semi-custom made "Corsairs" by CCW in Florida and are 18" diameter x12" wide. They have a 25" x 11.5" Goodyear racing slicks. They are about $600 each, or if you want a less expensive alternative, consider my Z Hub Extenders (see the FAQs under the "Wheels and Tires" section).

Charles Ryan's Subtle/280YZ is done! I just posted a PDF of his build write-up

The 280YZ was designed primarily as a racing fender package for the SCCA GT2 racing class. It is designed to be attached to the unibody tub and/or tubular subframes using Dzus 1/4-turn fastners for quick removal and service. However, many customers have installed this body package for street use by bolting and/or bonding on the components. Several customers have also used the really wide YZ rear quarters with the slightly more narrow Subtle Z front fenders for a very nice look. Dan Juday's car (below) is an excellent example.

The kit is 3 inches wider than stock all around, allowing for use of up to 12 inch wide wheels and up to 335-width tires. Exact clearance is determined by the type of suspension (racing coilover vs. stock vs. live axle, etc.). The parts are less than half the weight of the steel parts they replace.

I also have a fiberglass replacement hatch that can be used with this kit.

The quarter panels do not include an opening for the fuel filler door. However, I offer a option to upgrade the quarter panel to include a Le Mans style fuel filler pocket for $95. I also have just finished a mold that will allow me to integrate stock-appearing wheel well lips on both the quarters for $95 for the pair. Here's a photo of Dan Juday's car that has both modifications, and there are more photos below.

What about headlights on the YZ? There are several options:

1. Some customers leave the stock front fenders in place and use only the rear quarter panels. This is obviously the easiest, and provides a more conventional look, i.e., stock front, wide flares in rear.

2. The Subtle Z front fenders can be used with the YZ rears. This allows for slightly wider front wheels, a more balanced look between front and rear, and the Subtle Z fenders utilize the stock headlight extensions.

3. It is possible to graft the stock fiberglass buckets/extensions onto the YZ fenders. This takes a fair amount of work over and above the fender install. I also sell fiberglass replacement headlight buckets for $149 each. However, I now offer an upgraded version of the YZ fender with integrated headlight buckets for only an additional $255/pair! See a photo here.

4. If you look further down the main page under “Archived photos of customer cars,” Ted Fisher installed some off-the-rack lights from PIAA into the radiator opening. I REALLY like this look, and it’s the easiest way to get lights into the YZ. Here’s a direct link to that page:


5. Another possibility for headlights is mounting projector beam lights in the front of the YZ fenders. All that's required is a hole saw and some creative bracketry. Here's an example of what I'm describing. The headlight cover shape that this builder used is exactly like the shape of the front end of the YZ fenders. This photo was shot at the MSA Show in 2003 (I think). If this is your car, I'm sorry I didn't get your name to give you proper credit. Please contact me and I will do so!


6. "Are these lighting arrangements street legal?" “Street legal” with regard to lighting is pretty wide open. Federal standards apply to auto manufacturers, but once the car is in your hands the feds could care less.

If you don’t have some sort of front lights, state LEOs will refuse to register the car (if you haven’t already done so). However, in my experience, most of those guys don’t know a watt from a what. So, if you have lights and they appear to work, no one is going to measure the candlepower output.

It is possible to get pulled over by the local LEOs if the lights are dim. However, you get into an area here where common sense should prevail. As a relatively savvy automotive guy, you will know whether your lights are adequate. Most guys I know err in the other direction. Of course, you can be pulled over for having the lights too bright or adjusted to high, as well!

27 October 2009: I simply MUST be more proactive about updating my website. Jay Hitchcock sent me links to YouTube video of his car MONTHS ago and I just now saw them in my inbox. Here you go:


Nick Hall's YZ is coming along nicely.


redgt21.jpg redgt22.jpg redgt23.jpg

This GT2 racecar belongs to Bob Glass, an SCCA racer from the west coast. (Click on an image to see a larger photo. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.)

(Bob, I've lost your contact info and I need to get tech info on your car. Please contact me: john@reactionresearch.com)

Paul Henk and David Dutko got their body parts before I bought the molds from Roger Edsinger and began selling them as the 280YZ kit. However, this car is a good example of the appearance of the kit...and of the great lines of the GT Z-Cars in general. More information on Paul and the car can be found at


and at Dave and Paul's home page at


Reg Sumaru in Edmonton, Alberta Canada also got his body parts before my time. Ditto the comments above, though...great looking car and fine example of the breed. Find more photos and info at


Henry Costanzo, long-time driving force behind the Georgia Z Club, built this superb 280YZ. More info on the car at


There are several customers who have adapted the kit for street use, including Darius Kashahbi.

Matt Benson is just finishing his 280YZ. Check out those ghost flames! Click HERE for more photos.

Dan Juday built a butt-kicking hybrid 280YZ/Subtle Z.
Click here for more photos

Check out Krys Dean's great looking race car. Click HERE for more photos.

Steve Parmley's 280YZ is coming along. Click HERE for more, larger photos.

Click HERE for 280 YZ Prices!

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