Thanks for sharing information about yourself and your car with other Daytona builders and owners. Please follow the instructions below to submit your information. Your contact information will remain confidential unless you authorize me to publish it on the website, and only what you authorize will be published.


1. Select and copy ("Control-C," or right click and "Copy") the text from the next section.

2. Click on the email link below it.

3. Paste the text ("Control-V," or right click and "Paste") into the resulting email form.

4. Type the answers to the questions

5. Click "send."

I will be building an email script in the near future that will generate a form to do this. Please bear with me until I educate myself on how to do it!

Daytona Builder/Owner Replica Information Form

What is your name (first and last, please)?

Where are you located?

What is your preferred email address?

What is your preferred phone number (to be used only in case of email problems)?

Do you have photos of your car?

Are they digital or hardcopy?

If the former, may I post them?

If the latter, would you be willing to share them with me so I can scan and post them, or have them scanned and email them to me?

Are you the original owner?

If not, from whom did you purchase it?

Where did you see it advertised?

Did you build it?

If not, who built it for you?


How long did it take?

If it was built for you, would your recommend the builder to others?

What are the year, engine size, and transmission of the donor?

Which kit did you purchase (McBurnie, Rowley, Roberts, California Custom Coach, or specify if other)?

Did you purchase directly from the kit manufacturer?

How would you describe the transaction (good, bad, etc. Details please)?

How was the support from the kit manufacturer?

Do you have any of the original documentation on the kit (build manuals, video tapes, magazine articles)? Please describe.

Do you have any of the original documentation on the donor (factory service manuals, spec sheets, window sticker, owner's manual)? Please describe.

How is your car registered (e.g., as a Ferrari, as a "specially constructed vehicle," as a Corvette, etc.?

How is it insured?

Who is your insurance company?

Would you recommend them to other builders and owners?

About how much are your premiums?

What is your annual mileage driven?

Did you incorporate any special features (upgraded brakes, engine performance mods)?

Who did your interior work?

What did it cost?

Who did the paint?

What did it cost?

What was the total build cost?

What are the sizes and brands of the wheels and tires?

Are there any tips you could share with others that would help them complete their cars?

Do you have any leftover parts that you'd be willing to sell?

Do you need any parts to complete your car?

Do you know of any un-built kits or unfinished cars in your area that might be for sale?

Are you interested in selling your car?

If so, for how much are you asking?

Is there any other information you'd like to share or that you need?

What do you do for your day job?

What other interesting information about yourself can you share?

If others wish to contact you for more information about your car, is it OK to give out your email address, or would you prefer emails be forwarded through the Register?

Is it OK to post your name and your city with the photos and details of your car?

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