I have been made aware that recently Ferrari's lawyers have contacted at least two private owners of GTO replicas who have advertised cars for sale on eBay. Apparently the attorneys' objections center around the use of the Ferrari name in the advertisements, the appearance of yellow badges on the cars in positions where they would be found on Ferrari autombiles (regardless of whether they are legible in the photographs), and the use of the term "Ferrari replica" in the text.

It appears that Ferrari's objections manifest themselves in the form of letters to the advertiser, and to eBay. It would appear that eBay is completely caving in under the weight of this huge piece of paper, and pulling the ads until the above referenced issues are addressed.

While these issues patently apply to manufacturers of kit cars or replicas, for Ferrari to harrass a private individual selling his/her personal car is ridiculous. If you are such a person and have been the recipient of such communications, please contact us with your story.


Meanwhile, for private individuals there are a few steps you can take to help Ferrari stop wasting their money on attorneys who have nothing better to do. Keep in mind that no one here is a lawyer, so this is general advice based on what Ferrari's attorneys have demanded in the past. This is not legal advise. For that you need to consult your own attorney.

1. Since the term "Ferrari replica" is apparently so confusing to aforementioned legal folks, and obviously the general public is also confused about whether a "Ferrari replica" is the same thing as a "Ferrari," list your vehicle as "NOT A FERRARI 250 GTO."

2. In the ad you should refer to it thusly, "This is NOT a Ferrari...but Ferrari's attorney's apparently think it looks so much like one that it upsets them." OBVIOUSLY anyone who has the money to buy an original 250 GTO doesn't have enough sense to know the difference between an original and a replica. You wouldn't want to inadvertently dupe a poor, unsuspecting, erstwhile Ferrari customer.

3. If practical, remove all badges (including rear panel script and front fender badges) from the vehicle and re-shoot your photos. If that's not practical, cover them with black electrical tape, which can easily be removed without residue after photos. If you have Photoshop or a similar graphic image editing software, you can blot out the badges (or change the color to orange, since apparently Ferrari owns the rights to the color yellow:) in your existing photos.


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