Ferrari 250 GTO History

Photo of a real Ferrari 250 GTO at Silverstone at the Coys International Historic Festival in July 1997 (identified by Trevor Ford).

The Ferrari 250 GTO was made from 1962 to 1964. There were 39 produced and they were only available as coupes (hardtops). Today's going rate for a good 250 GTO is in the $10,000,000 range! Obviously this is the way beyond the budgets of most mortals.

The design of the GTO was instantly and universally admired. Its appeal has withstood the test of time, and it is considered to be one of the best looking sports cars of all time.

"GTO" stood for Grand Turismo Omologato, or Grand Touring Homologated. This naming is widely considered to be a very effective ruse, by which Ferrari convinced the FAI (international sanctioning body for racing) that this car was a version of Ferrari's mass produced 250 GT.

In the years this car was produced, the championship was limited to competition among mass produced sports cars. There were minimum numbers of cars that had to be produced in order to "homologate" the model for racing. In reality, this car differed significantly from the standard GT, both mechanically and cosmetically. If labeled as a different model (which it was), many more than the 39 cars actually produced would have been required.

In order to help insure the success of this sham, Ferrari even interspersed the GTO production numbers among those of the GT so it would look as though the two models were produced on the same production line. Ferrari insisted the GTOs were the same as the GTs, only with optional bodywork modifications. In actuality, each GTO was hand-built, and many variations exist from car to car.

The exact details of the history and racing record of the 250 GTO are best left to books devoted to the subject. At any rate, the 250 GTO ranks among the best sports racing cars ever built. According to Chris Harvey, author of "250 GTO Super Profile,":

"The 250GTO was the last of the pure-bred racing cars that could be driven with any degree of satisfaction on the road...With a Ferrari 250GTO you could do just about anything: conquer the world at Le Mans, storm Alpine passes in the Tour de France, or just dawdle down to your local school with the kids in the passenger seat..."

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