GTO Replica Register, History and Purpose

Terry Watson of Manhattan Beach, California, started the GTORR several years ago as an effort to unite owners of these rare vehicles. The purpose of this collaboration was to share information about history, maintenance, registration, insurance, et cetera. However, being a rocket scientist at his day job (literally...Terry was one of the main guys on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the Gamma Ray Observatory, and many other big projects done by NASA contractor TRW), doesn't leave him with much spare time.

While he still has one of the nicest Alpha One GTO replicas around, he has relinquished the stewardship of the GTORR. Terry published three newsletters before handing over the reins. These are available in reprint, and may be made available online, depending on how the format of the Register develops.

The final form of this Register is yet to be decided. However, PLEASE take a moment to e-mail your comments about what you would like for the Register to do for you, the admirer/owner of a GTO replica.

Things to think about: Should the register publish information about the members? What information should be published? Should it be available to the general public, only to the members, or part public (name, car photos and e-mail address, for example) and part restricted (addresses and phone numbers)?

Also, what kind of information do you need about the GTO replicas? Would you be interested in technical information on the GTO and its replicas?

The Register will probably sell advertising space to replica manufacturers in order to recoup operating cost, and may also sell novelties, posters and books. Can you think of anything else that would be helpful to admirers/owners of these cars?

Please send correspondence to

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