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Disclaimer: Ferrari and their lawyers would have us remind you that the Ferrari name and logo are trademarks belonging to Ferrari. Neither this website, nor any of its content has been sanctioned or approved by Ferrari.

Most builders/owners/admirers of the 250 GTO replicas are exercising sincere flattery in attempting to emulate one of Ferrari's greatest designs, and would in no way want to dilute the value of the Ferrari name by counterfeiting this car. This is a car that was limited in production to begin with, has been out of production for almost forty years, and is so highly valued that there is no practical way to own an original.

However, Ferrari has exercised a great deal of protectiveness over this issue in the past. While they have never contacted an individual owner about using Ferrari badges, emblems or logos (oops, wait a minute...click here for an update), several manufacturers have been contacted and at least two have been sued. More on that later. Suffice it to say that while you can buy a kit to emulate this great car, none of the manufacturers will sell you the badges!

All "production" GTO "replicas" differ significantly from the original GTO in all major dimensions, and thus are not true replicas. However, the word "replica" is used throughout this site to refer to cars that bear a resemblance to the GTO, as the word "resemblica" doesn't make much sense!

Now that we have that out of the way....Let's have fun!

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